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These unique pieces are made to order, by the French ceramist Margaux Carel in collaboration with Casa Bohemia. Once the candle is burned, the stoneware shell can be gently washed with hot water to remove any traces of wax.

Each case is unique and the scent must be chosen when ordering.

Delivery time between 2 and 4 weeks.


Approx. 26cm X 7cm, 500grs


Shipping expected in 15 days
  • Margaux Carel grew up with a love of craftsmanship and antique furniture. It was in New York that her passion took shape, while she worked in an architecture firm for which she was responsible for sourcing artisans who fascinated her, and reinforced her desire to create with her hands. When she moved to Lisbon, she tried her hand at ceramics and was immediately seduced by the contact with clay, whose texture she could transform at will until it was permanently frozen.  She creates with her emotions which guide her in the creative process of her sculptures.


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