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The SAUDADE 1972 candle is an ode to childhood thanks to its subtle and fragrant orange blossom.

The Portuguese word SAUDADE is untranslatable, it evokes an emotion that is both melancholic and happy where sadness and lack linked to memory sometimes intermingle.

Sold in its linen pouch.



Top notes: petitgrain

Heart notes : orange blossom 

Background Notes:tonka






SKU: 364115376135191
  • Hand-poured aromatic candle in the Algarve, delivered in a thick natural white clay pot which can be placed in a natural white clay jar.refiledin Portugal or used as a pretty pot using the protective cover of the candle made from recycled paper seeded to grow wild flowers.

    European vegetable soy wax + natural fragrances from Grasse without CMR and without PHTHALATES. The cotton wick is not treated and complies with European REACH regulations.

    We do not use plastic or any boxes but use linen pouches to reduce the packaging of our candles to a strict minimum.

    Diam 8 cm x 9 cm, 220 grs liquid weight, 500 grs net weight

    Burning time approximately 48 hours

    Diameter 5.5 cm x 6 cm, 60 grs liquid weight, 180 grs net weight

    Burning time approximately 13 hours

    Diam 10 cm x 11 cm, 380 grs liquid weight, 1 kg net weight

    Burning time approximately 81 hours

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